Join with tens of thousands of other BigYellowBag users and order yours today!! Since 1994 our customers have been receiving the BigYellowBag with "knock-your-socks-off" customer service and a smile. Greenhorizons, who were the first in the world to offer garden soil delivered right to your home in convenient bulk bags, made their first appearance in Southwestern Ontario. Since then, it has been making its way across Canada and the United States!

Easy, No Hassle Ordering

Getting a bag of Black Garden Soil could never be easier. There is less mess because there is no load of soil dumped on your driveway. No small bags to tote around from the garden centre. You simply call and we deliver right to your home.

BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil is not topsoil. Nor is it "triple mix" which is a common term for enhanced topsoil blends. It is a concentrated soil conditioner / enhancer that is guaranteed to make everything grow better. In fact, our Black Garden Soil out performed every other brand we tested it against. We could make our soil less expensive by adding cheap ingredients like screened topsoil or plain dirt into a sac but that would be a rip-off, by making our customers pay more than what it’s worth.

BigYellowBag Products
  • BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil
  • BigYellowBag Nature's Blend
  • BigYellowBag Original Bark Mulch
  • BigYellowBag Premium Bark Mulch — Midnight Black
Order Your BigYellowBag Online

You can order your BigYellowBag ANYTIME!! Simply click on the Order Online button below and you will see how EASY it is. Our secure, no fuss, online ordering promises to be a great experience. Fill out your name and address and we will instantly give you options on your bag delivery. Before you know it, your BigYellowBag will be ready to use!! Not going to be home? No worries!! We will deliver your BigYellowBag right where you want it - even if you're not at home!

Black Garden Soil is great for vegetable & flower gardens or for overseeding lawns.

If it's not BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil, then it's just dirt!

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